Day old Chicks for sale in Limpopo

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Broiler day old Chicks for sale in Limpopo

Looking for day old broiler or layer chicks around Limpopo?, MFEG Poultry has the best day old chicks for sale in Limpopo, We are your answer. Place your order at least three weeks in advance. We also got other variety of breeds to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your farm. Whether you’re looking for egg-laying hens, meat chickens, or exotic birds, we’ve got you covered.

Our chicks are delivered as per customer orders. Our day-old chicks are vaccinated against common diseases such as Newcastle Disease and packed in boxes containing 100 chicks.

Note that we also have layers day old chicks for sale in Limpopo and we deliver in other provinces.


Day-old Chicks Price List

At MFEG Egg Supplier and Day old chicks Limpopo, our chicks are for sale at a reasonable price. The prices bellow includes VAT, chick boxes, and ND+IB Sprays.

Price ( Per Pcs)
Broiler day old chicks
10-99 chicks
100+ chicks
Layer day old chicks
10-99 chicks
100+ chicks
6 weeks old layer hens
1-99 hens
100+ hens
12 weeks old hens
1-99 hens
100+ hens

Frequently Asked Questions

Broiler chicks are young chickens that are typically raised for meat production. They are usually a hybrid of two chicken breeds and are bred to grow quickly and efficiently.

Layer chicks are chicks that have been bred to lay eggs. They are typically kept in commercial chicken operations for egg production.

When it comes to choosing the right broiler and layer, there are a few things to consider. For layers, this includes the number of eggs per day; and for broilers, it includes the quality and kilogram of meat. At MFEG Poultry, we provide the best breeds of both layers and broilers suitable for the Limpopo conditions.

Because broilers are raised for their ability to produce meat, they grow quickly and require more feed than layer hens, who develop more slowly. But layer hens need a diet high vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Due to their inability to grow fast and start producing eggs, layers start-up will need hight capital. Unlike broilers that can be sold in as little as five Weeks.

A few hundred broilers (100) can be profitable in less than 5 weeks, but to truly make money with layers you must start with at least 200 layers, and it will take about 19 weeks for the hens to reach point of laying. However, layers are more profitable on a long run.

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